Inspiring people to join the green transformation

...can often feel like an uphill battle.

Like Sisyphus from Greek mythology, pushing the boulder up the hill, just to see it roll down again. But effective climate change communication and real behavior change don’t have to be that difficult. Behavioral science and environmental psychology offer many frameworks and tools that make steps towards green transformation possible.

The trick is:

One must imagine Sisyphus happy.

—Albert Camus

Let me be your Sisyphus! As a sustainability consultant, I love to get that boulder rolling and motivate people to take green actions. With the help of my scientific background and a creative approach, I make scientific advancements applicable to your circumstances.


Behavior Change Interventions

If you want to get your employees on board with your sustainability strategy, your citizens to litter less, or to support environmental measures, taking a behavioral approach is the right way to go. Together, we will identify the key behavior you want to address and then rigorously remove all psychological barriers to facilitate desired behavior.

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Sustainability and Climate Change Communication

Many topics around sustainability are complex, scientific, or technical - and are often communicated in a way that is supposed to scare people into action. However, psychologically effective communication acknowledges the biases that stand in people’s way of truly engaging with a topic and goes around these obstacles in a creative way. Great communication is accessible and uses catchy storytelling.

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Behavioral Design for Startups

Your sustainable product could change the world if only your users understood its value! Focusing on your customers and their psychologies can help you close that gap and make your product the success it is supposed to be! The Behavioral Design Process guides you along your users’ journey and is an essential tool that helps you include your customers’ perspectives from Day 1.

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Resilience for Sustainability Professionals

Being aware of the ecological and social crises we are facing as well as seeing the inactivity in our systems can be hard. Together with my colleagues from the Sustainable Natives, I have developed a modular, science-based program that gives you tools to deal with these challenges. Help yourself and your team discover each other's strengths and emotional resilience to find renewed motivation to keep doing your important work.

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People and nature fascinate and bewilder me in the best way possible.

As a kid, I would run outside to catch the rainwater — to water our plants. To be honest, I still do it because I am convinced that every little action helps. I believe that how we act towards the environment and the people around us matters. Every single one of us has the ability to make a difference.

To transform our societies into sustainable ones, we need to initiate change at all levels, from the governments, businesses, and organizations down to every individual. In my PhD, I researched the science behind people’s engagement with climate change issues and other environmental matters. As a behavior change and sustainability consultant, I make psychology work for people and nature.

My passion is to bring human solutions to the human-made ecological crises of our times.

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